Around 9 months of age, my son started to drastically fall off the growth and weight charts. He was growing and looked very healthy but was very short and continued to fall farther behind in growth compared to other children his age. As a mom, I really started to notice how much bigger other children his age were. I asked our doctor, researched ways to help babies gain weight, did what any mother would do. At 18 months he was referred to an endocrinologist to test for growth hormone deficiencies. All came back normal. Still, I couldn't get him to eat even two full meals a day. Eating became a frustration for all of us. 

Then I brought Luke to Dr. Travis. I had no opinion of chiropractic care, it was just something I hadn't tried or though of. About three weeks later of bringing Luke twice a week, his appetite changed drastically. He was asking me for food, often. He was finishing meals, wanting more, and I was thrilled. Even his daycare, grandparents and my husband all raved to me about how much he is eating! I knew it wasn't just a coincidence anymore. Luke is noticeably getting taller and gaining weight- even with constantly running around all day! 

I was ready to face a long battle of constantly trying to get food in my childs stomach, go to as many specialists to figure out was "wrong". Now, I see my son growing healthy and strong with the nutrition his body needs and that he willingly eats and enjoys. Howell Chiropractic has made me one thankful and grateful mom!

Paige Murphy