I sought out chiropractic care after suffering for migraines for several years. I had previously gone through testing for what doctors thought was multiple sclerosis due to numbness in upper extremities, extreme fatigue and lethargy in the legs. Brain MRI came back normal, I was later diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Surgery was able to correct that (after unsuccessful visits to a physical therapist), but I lost a lot of strength and range of motion in my wrists and arms because of it. Shortly after I started having severe migraines that caused me to lose my vision and live life in a dark and silent room. Eye doctors at one time suspected a tumor in my brain was putting pressure on optical nerves, causing the blindness. Imaging found nothing so they guessed it was a "pseudo tumor". Medication was prescribed to me, but in order for it to be truly effective I would have to take it at least an hour before my migraines were in full force. My migraines often times would come on quickly and without notice so the medication did not work. I started experiencing numbness again in my upper extremities after finishing massage training and while calling around looking for work I decided on a whim to schedule with one as a new patient. If anything I would just see how a chiropractic office worked and decide if that was an avenue I would follow for my professional activities. 

I can proudly say that 16 years later I am still practicing massage (although not as frequently) and am practically migraine free. They do still occur occasionally, but now it is few and far between episodes and are almost exclusively brought on by stress and not paying attention to my body. I remember after my first adjustment all those years ago - I went almost a week without a migraine and it was GLORIOUS! Had I known about this before my CTS surgeries...I wonder if chiropractic would have been able to correct some of that issue and saved my strength and range of motion. 

Taunya Palmer