My story begins in 1976 with my husband, Jeff deciding to attend chiropractic college after his undergraduate education.  We pretty much knew very little about chiropractic except that it really helped my husband with low back pain.

We had our first child, a boy in 1977 while Jeff was in chiropractic school.  Justin was born breech and had trouble breathing when he was first born.  It was pretty traumatic for him and us.  In his first 24- 48 hours of life, he would scream when he attempted to nurse.  The MD who delivered him said if he did not start nursing by that evening of the 2nd day, they would have to admit him into the hospital and hook him up to IVs.  Their concern was dehydration.  As new parents, we were beside ourselves with worry.  Justin was obviously in severe distress each time he tried to turn his head to nurse.

Jeff recalled from one of his classes that the professor, who was also a chiropractor, talked about adjusting his children and grandchildren as soon as they were born.  We went directly to the school and found the doctor, who adjusted Justin with super gentle hands.  We went to the car to go home and before driving away decided to try to nurse Justin.  He immediately latched on and started nursing with not a single peep!  

Justin went through some ups and downs, ear infections and asthma which we quite successfully treated with chiropractic adjustments.  

I highly recommend chiropractic care for every newborn.  Get your baby checked by a chiropractor who specializes in pediatric care.  It's one of the best things you can do for your child's health.

I know that Justin's life and health was changed in a big way by that first adjustment.  We are so thankful to have found the chiropractic lifestyle!

Carol Aita