Most of my life I have suffered with headaches, migraines, and digestive issues. A good portion of my issues are anxiety related, so I always just "dealt" with them, as I assumed it was just my lot in life. A friend recommended her chiropractor, but my back didn't hurt and I was afraid of the "cracking" so I passed. A little way down the road I developed pain in my shoulder, it impaired my work and hurt very much. My friend brought up her chiropractor again, and I finally consented. Once I visited Katz Family Chiropractic I realized all of my fears and concerns were  unnecessary. With regular treatment not only did my shoulder improve but my headaches are nearly gone and my migraines far less frequent or severe. My digestive issues are also improved as we'll as my stress responses. I am very grateful for not only having found an amazing chiropractor, but also a new friend in the quest for great health.

Kerry D