My mom was in a very bad car accident when she was in her 20’s. All of my life, she has suffered from chronic migraines and, as a consequence, she had become addicted to pain pills. Almost every day she took around 9 pills for her migraines, and on really bad days, we couldn’t get her up from the bed. One day she was helping me move to the US and after spending the day carrying heavy objects around, she ended up crying over the pain in her neck and head. Despite suffering from crippling migraines for over 20 years, I had never seen my mom cry from it. So I decided I had enough and told her that she HAD to go to a chiropractor and that the pills weren’t the solution. So a few days later she began going to one back home and around two weeks later she called me, more excited than I have ever heard her, telling me that she felt better than she had felt in a very long time, that her migraines were better and that whenever she left her Chiropractor she felt immediate relief. That was almost a year ago and Im proud to say that my mom was waned off most of her pain medication over the months. She still has headaches, but not as severe as before. She’s completely in love with Chiropractic and that is what made me decide once and for all that Chiropractic is what Im supposed to be doing Woth my life.

Andrea Refojos Liano