I am very grateful for the chiropractic power in my life. I would not be here if I would have never received chiropractic care. Within the last ten years I have had many problems. I was taking high blood pressure medications for five years. It didn't help and kept going higher. Dr Huffer recommended that I see a heart doctor and do all the tests that he ordered. Everything came back normal but the heart doctor wanted to increase the medication. I decided to stop the medications. Through the help of Dr Huffer and chiropractic my blood pressure is normal now.

I also had signs of a stroke and went immediately to Dr Huffer for an adjustment. I did not go the hospital and I have had no after effects. I had a torn ligament in each of my knees, at different times. With Dr Huffers help I didn't need to have any surgeries. They are both healed and feel great.

Four years ago I was told that I had a very rare form of cancer (anoid cystic carconoma). They removed the gland with surgery. I did not agree to radiation or chemo treatments. With the help of Dr Huffer and the guidence of his nutritionist I feel great and the cancer is now dormant. I am very active and enjoying every day things with my family of 6 children and 23 grandchildren. I am very thankful for Dr Kreg Huffer and the chiropractic method of healing. This is all done without the use of drugs. That is why I feel good. People tell me that they are amazed with how well I am and what I am able to do age 74.

I would recommend chiropractic to anyone, no matter what their problems may be.

Irene J.