Neck Pain

Neck Pain

  • 66 Year Old With Severe Neck Pain

    I had severe neck pain and was in really bad shape when I came to Healthline Chiropractic within 5 months I felt improvement. I used to have an "old lady sway" when I walked and now I walk normal!  I'm 66 and still able to work thanks to Dr. Blaskay. I no longer have pain or the sway, I recommend her to all my friends and family.

    Darlene Pieson

  • Back and Neck Paid

    I have had back and neck problems for years. I appreciate Dr. Peltier's service to our community. He's professional, cheerful and very knowledgeable. My neck and back respond well under his care. I appreciate his dedication and this is inscripted outside of his office if you should visit him. He is a blessing to our community.


  • Back Pain and Emotional Health

    In the last 15 years I have been coming to Huffer Chiropractic I have had help with my back, legs, knees, neck, and my emotional health. I feel much better in my overall health. 

    Judith A.

  • Can't Turn my Head

    I started seeing a Chiropractor for my chronic neck pain. Through several treatments, Dr. Blaskay has alleviated the tightness that I felt in my neck and shoulders and restored my ability to turn my head from side to side without pain. I highly recommend chiropractic services to anyone who is looking to treat the actual source of the problem and not just addressing the symptoms through pills. 

    Ashley Graham

  • Digestive Issues

    I started seeing Dr. Blaskay 11 years ago for my constant neck pain and within a month I was pain free! Over the years I've also discovered many other benefits from my chiropractic care. I no longer suffer from the digestive issues I had for years and when I mentioned my wrist pain she even adjusted them, giving me immediate relief. Thanks to no stiffness or neck and back pain I am able to keep up with my active grandchildren!

    Nancy Dennis

  • Free from Neck Pain

    The staff and Dr Peltier are great.  Dr Peltier was always thorough and explained everything I needed to understand my treatment.  I’m very happy with the results and I’m free of neck pain.  I would recommend this practice!

    Kathleen S

  • Headaches and Neck Pain

    After suffering with headaches and neck pain for many years I began care at Healthline Chiropractic and have gotten amazing results! The treatments I receive have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have also brought my children in for the benefits of chiropractic!

    Lori K

  • Headaches and Neck Pain

    In 2010 I was in a bad car accident. I had cervical neck pain and terrible headaches. I had gone to several doctors and was given an MRI. I was told nothing was wrong with me. Once the pain started radiating down my arms to my hands and I started feeling numbness, I felt defeated. Every doctor I saw gave me no answer. I gave up and just tried to “ignore” the pain.

    I had the opportunity in college to do an internship with a chiropractor. After explaining my situation with one of the Doctors, he put one hand on my cervical spine and said “you’ve been in a car accident haven’t you?”. I was so impressed and taken back that within weeks I became a patient. The very first appointment they do x-rays and run a bunch of tests. My x-rays showed that my cervical spine was curved the wrong way. How could no other doctor have found this!? I had no knowledge of what was to come, so I took a leap of faith and Chirospractic has healed my spine and taken away my pain. 

    Savannah Lopez

  • Living at My Best

    I've been coming to see Dr. Blaskay for 7 years to keep me at my very best. My neck pain, low back pain, and shoulder pain have diminished since seeing her. I always feel great when I leave.


  • Long Term Back and Neck Issues

    My daughter and I have been going to Dr. Ryan for back and neck issues for a long time. He helped us tremendously to alleviate these problems. He has a dream team who are accommodating and will respond to any of your complaints. Thanks to all of you.

    Cecile G.

  • Neck and Back Pain due to Auto Accident

    I was recently in an auto accident and Dr. Susan at Healthline Chiropractic has helped my neck and back without medication. I have always believed in chiropractic since I was a teenager and would recommend it to anyone.

    Kathryn Stringer

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Healthline Chiropractic Clinic with Dr. Susan Blaskay has helped me with my neck and shoulder pain.  Dr. Susan gives adivice on how to not reinjure what she just fixed.  The adjustments Dr. Susan makes on my neck and shoulder helps me to function much better and pain free.

    Nicole Pittman

  • Neck Pain

    Carol G.

    I had a bad fall while running outside many years ago.  Several days after the fall, I literally could not move my neck.  I went to several MD's and tried Physical Therapy, only to be told, "You're fine.  It will go away".  Well, I wasn't fine and it didn't go away.  Six months after the injury, my husband suggested Chiropractic.  I didn't know what that was and had only heard bad things, so was sceptical.  I went anyway and, long story short, got immediate pain relief and eventual complete healing.  

    I continued as a chiropractic patient for years until I decided I wanted to help others, just as Dr. Shannan had helped me.  So I joined the team at Worthington Optimal Wellness, where I now work, almost 7 years later!  Love my job!

    Carol G.

  • Neck Pain

    My first experience with chiropractic was due to neck pain. I was 12 years old and heavily involved in gymnastics and cheerleading. I was a base during stunting which means other girls frequently fell on my shoulders, arms and occasionally my head and neck. One school morning my mother came in my room to wake me up and when I looked up from my position in bed and my neck went into severe spasm, I really had no idea what was happening, which can be quite scary. In addition to getting fallen on, I had a bad habit of sleeping on my stomach (which I don't recommend).  At this time I had never been to the chiropractor even though my father had been seeing his chiropractor regularly since the age of 16. TIP:Please get your families checked, spinal problems can start young! 

    We went to the chiropractor that day and had x-rays taken, the film showed a misalignment in my lower neck, we call these subluxations. I got adjusted that day and followed up with ice and stretching over the next few weeks. I was very stiff and sore for about a week, but I slowly regained my full range of motion and began feeling better. I have always been grateful that my family knew about chiropractic and I was able to be treated naturally. If I had gone to the emergency room, they may given me pain relievers or muscle relaxers, which does nothing to correct the actual issue in the spine.

    After this episode I have seen chiropractors over the years for many things including migraine headaches, where I was given Imitrex that resulted in making me unable to stay away and function during my college classes at Michigan State. I have also been treated for various other issues, such as upper back pain after a yoga injury. Even since becoming a chiropractor myself, I still get my spine checked regularly by my chiropractor.

    Chiropractic allows the nervous system to function better and gives the body the tools it needs to heal itself.

    Ashley Stal

  • Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain

    I've been seeing Dr. Blaskay for neck and back issues for many years. I was skeptical about chiropractic until I saw the benefits my wife experienced, from long term issues after a slip and fall accident when she was in her early 20's. I had never had neck or back problems until once, in my 30's and on vacation in the wilderness, I strained my neck and upper back while using an axe to chop wood. I found Dr. Blaskay when she was relatively new in her profession, but her techniques and adjustment "bedside manner" were a great fit for me. I've continued to see her over the years, now in my 60's, for maintenance of my back and neck health. I recently injured my shoulder playing wallyball, and after therapy didn't provide the best results, I decided to see if Dr. Blaskay could help. Her adjustments, together with exercises she recommended, have greatly reduced my pain and increased my range of motion. I believe chiropractic adjustments have benefited my wife and I, allowing us to live with greatly reduced pain and a much better quality of life.

    Steve Plasko

  • Prevent Surgery

    I came to Healthline Chiropractic 2 years ago for my knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, and arthritis. It was very difficult for me to walk and my primary doctor wanted to do surgery. With regular adjustments I can now walk easier and no longer need surgery.

    Marlene Ferguson


  • Severe Neck and Back Spasms

    3 weeks ago i was desperate.  I could not turn my head.  I could not lift my head, and I was having back spasms.  I didn't really understand chiropractic but I was willing to try anything.  Now I am much more flexible.  Much less pain.

    Jane Johnston

  • Severe Neck Pain

    I had sevear back and neck pains that were very painful. I called Dr. Blaskay told her my symptoms and was very fortunate that she took me right in. Through her adjustments and follow up visits she has made me feel like a new person again.

    I would highly recommend Dr.Blaskay without hesitation.

    Frank Rehling Jr.