Healthline Chiropractic

I grew up not believing in Chiropractors.  It wasn't until I was in my mid thirties and I leaned over to hug my son goodby from daycare when he jumped up and locked his hands around my neck and hung there.  I went down like a ton of bricks and in serious lower back pain.  My father-in-law suggested Dr. Blaskay who I saw immediately.  Yes, I was going to a Chiropractor.  After several daily adjustments I felt minimal pain and after routine care it became non-existent.  I was shocked at how a Chiropractor could manipulate away the pain. I have been seeing Dr. Blaskay for years now.  Just wanted to add that I always appreciate how I feel afterward (for weeks).  Dr. Blaskay is professional and takes the time to explain issues. I really benefit from Healthline Chiropractic Clinic.  Much appreciated.  I strongly suggest that you do not wait to see a Chiropractor until you are forced to go like I did.  I now believe that routine Chiropratic care should be part of your normal self care.

Brian King