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Background:  I have a herniation in the L5, S1 region of my lower back. Simple movements would throw out my alignment at any time, creating an almost debilitating pain that would sideline me from normal, everyday activities for days on end.  A friend suggested I see a chiropractor and recommended Dr. Blaskay.  I had never visited a chiropractor before and the thought of having someone twist my spine when I was in such agony seemed to me as counter intuitive.  But I had tried many other remedies with minimal success, so I gave it a shot.  Dr. Blaskay had me back up and running after my 1st visit.  I was amazed how quickly I felt better.  Fifteen (15) years later I still see Dr. B on a routine basis to prevent those "spills" from derailing my lifestyle, allowing me to chase after my two elementary school age and sports active children.  Thank you Dr. B, and your entire staff who have always taken good care of me (special shout out to Lori) for keeping me on my feet these many years.

Michael McGlynchey