• Whiplash

    Began seeing Dr. Blaskay for spinal whiplash. I wasn't able to move my head very far from left to right and didn't realize the damage done in a previous injury. Needless to say, my spine is good except for normal aging and I have full range of motion. I now go in for adjustments periodically. Love her!

    Diane McLean

  • Whiplash & Concussion

    woman 1904988 640I'll try to make this short, but it’s been a long almost 3 years! In October of 2014, I hit a HUGE 8 point buck going 65 miles an hour. I nearly totaled my car. I suffered from severe whiplash, and a concussion. I immediately started having neck pain, headaches and migraines, dizziness, extreme tiredness, and the feeling that I was living in a fog. I am a big people person, but due to how I felt physically, waking with a headache that often would develop into a migraine on a daily basis I began to withdraw from people, and started to even battle some depression. I kept going, most people on the outside except those close to me never knew how bad I truly felt. I did have to eventually take a leave of absence from 3 major involvements in my life. In November of 2016, I T-boned a women that ran a stop sign directly in front of me. This did not help my current situation. Treatments I had tried: Traditional Chiropractic, acupuncture, Physical Therapy (6 weeks), both over the counter meds and prescriptions meds, a Neurologist in New Albany, trigger point injections into my shoulder,( I began to have moderate shoulder pain due to inflammation) and an occipital nerve block into the back of my head. I had the injections twice the first time with relief for about 4 months the second time NO RELIEF whatsoever. All of the previous treatments gave me only temporary relief. I began to gain weight due to my lack of physical stamina and pain, which led to more discouragement, etc. I had my first visit with Dr. Beachy this past spring of 2017. I visited him on a Friday, of course with a severe headache, my atlas was off and as he said, "I was a hot mess." My headache continued through the weekend but I noticed something very different by Sunday. I did not feel the brain fog that I had been living with for almost 3 years. It seemed I had been looking through a dirty screen for so long but now I was looking through a clean glass window. I saw Dr. Beachy 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks, experiencing less headaches/migraines, and neck pain on a weekly basis! I cannot express the immediate sense of relief that I felt during even my first week of treatment. I have found that decreasing the amount of sugar intake in my diet definitely makes a difference in how I feel. I also I take one Curamed Curcumin daily for inflammation. But by far the catalyst for my healing has been my treatments from Dr. Beachy. I told him that my husband is the man of my life but he is the man that saved my life! As dramatic and humorous as that sounds I sincerely mean it. I am slowly getting my life back and returning to some sense of normalcy. Even activities of daily living had become a drudgery. I cannot thank Dr. Beachy and his staff enough for their wonderful words of encouragement and friendship as I find my way on this journey to healing and better health.

    Tanya P