• 72 and Staying Healthy

  • 74 Year Old Ballroom Dancer and Healthy as Ever

  • Back Pain

    I first experienced back problems in my early twenties because of bad and improper lifting techniques working in landscape construction. I would frequent massage therapy which would give me temporary relief, but would never fix the problem. In my early thirties I started seeing a chiropractor in a monthly basis, they assessed where my problems were in my lower back and adjusted accordingly. Since going to a chiropractor on a regular basis I've had very few problems. And if there is a problem, with regular maintenance recovery time is much faster. Overall, regular chiropractor adjustments have improved my quality of life significantly. 

    Tim Wiens

  • Digestive Issues

    I started seeing Dr. Blaskay 11 years ago for my constant neck pain and within a month I was pain free! Over the years I've also discovered many other benefits from my chiropractic care. I no longer suffer from the digestive issues I had for years and when I mentioned my wrist pain she even adjusted them, giving me immediate relief. Thanks to no stiffness or neck and back pain I am able to keep up with my active grandchildren!

    Nancy Dennis

  • Emotional Healing and Wellness

    After a car accident in 1991, I thought chiropractic was only about moving bones and realigning muscles. After Dr Huffers, the goal is wholeness in health. Body, soul, spirit and healing is possible! I see a lot of emotionally based beliefs that have kept me from healing being exposed and expounded since coming to Dr Huffers. It is so important in this stressful world to have people who will come along side you and support you in the journey to wellness.

    Dana R.

  • Hand Pain

    In the past I had been a patient of the Lydy Chiropractic but it was sporadic. I was helped to get my body back in sync about once a year or so.

    This summer I developed a hand issue that was aggravated by stress. After a few warning shots were fired from my         numb fingers to my elbow and beyond I started my healing journey with the Lydy's. From the experience of the            office staff to the wonder healing hand of Dr. Pat with the knowing information that was imparted I can say that is    has been a wonderful journey recovering from my wrecked body. 

    The holistic approach to total wellness is what we all should strive for in the healing and care of our bodies. 

    Thank you Lydy Chiropractic. Thank you Dr. Pat for doing what you do so very well. 

    Cheryl Swihart

  • Healthy Living

    I was born into a chiropractic family with my father a chiropractor and my mother his office manager. Since I was a child I have been adjusted and I am living a healthy active life and enjoy snowboarding, golfing, and traveling. Getting adjusted make me feel great and I recommend chiropractic to all. 

    Nathan Cowan

  • Healthy Living

    Healthline Chiropractic Clinic will make you feel at home and help you feel less pain and more smiles. I grew up in a home with chiropractic care, so I know how important it is to take care of your spine. The doctors at Healthline Chiropractic really care for their patients and always target the issue. Since my last adjustment, I've been able to perform daily activities with less discomfort and have overall felt amazing. 

    Lara Main

  • Heart Issues and High Blood Pressure

    I am very grateful for the chiropractic power in my life. I would not be here if I would have never received chiropractic care. Within the last ten years I have had many problems. I was taking high blood pressure medications for five years. It didn't help and kept going higher. Dr Huffer recommended that I see a heart doctor and do all the tests that he ordered. Everything came back normal but the heart doctor wanted to increase the medication. I decided to stop the medications. Through the help of Dr Huffer and chiropractic my blood pressure is normal now.

    I also had signs of a stroke and went immediately to Dr Huffer for an adjustment. I did not go the hospital and I have had no after effects. I had a torn ligament in each of my knees, at different times. With Dr Huffers help I didn't need to have any surgeries. They are both healed and feel great.

    Four years ago I was told that I had a very rare form of cancer (anoid cystic carconoma). They removed the gland with surgery. I did not agree to radiation or chemo treatments. With the help of Dr Huffer and the guidence of his nutritionist I feel great and the cancer is now dormant. I am very active and enjoying every day things with my family of 6 children and 23 grandchildren. I am very thankful for Dr Kreg Huffer and the chiropractic method of healing. This is all done without the use of drugs. That is why I feel good. People tell me that they are amazed with how well I am and what I am able to do age 74.

    I would recommend chiropractic to anyone, no matter what their problems may be.

    Irene J.

  • Improve my Overall Health

    I started chiropractic care because I wanted to improve my health. Chiropractic allowed me to move better, have a better overall health and even feel more energized.

    Carla Rivera

  • Life Long Wellness

    My wife and I have been coming to Huffer Chiropracticfor 32 years. The care we have received has improved our lives. We seldom go to a medical doctor and we feel our health is good for our age.

    Bill R.

  • Living Healthy

    I've been coming to see Dr. Blaskay for over twenty years as well as my children,  sisters,and their children. I love her and have always have great results under her maintenance care.




  • Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

    One day I was attending a local farmers market where I met a chiropractic team doing screenings for the local community.  I allowed a scan be done on my neck region during the market and within weeks of that I started care at Restoration Chiropractic in Columbia, Missouri.  Upon talking with Dr. Taylor Sirois in his office, I immediately knew this was what I had been searching for, for a while (I just didn't know what it was)!  For years, my curiousity had me wondering about what health and wellness meant to me and chiropractic was the answer I had been searching for.  I had been noticing many of my friends, family, and other acquaintances who were sick, dying, or on medications.  Most of these people were not getting better or told the medications and symptoms would be life long.  I knew there had to be something more that could be done to help all these sick people get better.  Little did I know there was this thing called chiropractic I was just learning about.  

    I continued with care at Restoration Chiropractic and shortly began looking into what it would take for me to become a chiroprator!  I began looking at schools and attending classes that would go towards my acceptance into chiropractic school.  I continued my care with Restoration Chiropractic in the year and months to follow.  Overall, because of the adjustments I was receiving, I felt better than I remember ever feeling.  I have not been sick since starting care.  I lost some weight as well and have kept it off.  My mind is more clear and I tend to make healthier lifestyle choices because of it.  All of these things have taken place because of chiropractic.  

    15 months after visiting that farmer's market, I moved to Georgia to attend chiropractic school at Life University (Marietta, GA).  I now receive adjustments from a local chiropractic office here as I continue my journey in school.  I cannot wait to share my love for chiropractic with everyone after this phase!  I have heard so many amazing stories from people in how chiropractic has saved their life and I am excited to be able to help change lives with chiropractic!  It feels so good to feel good!  Much love and health to all!

    Jessica S

  • Low Back Pain at 77 Years Old

    I've been coming to Dr. Blaskay for over 10 years and she has been treating my low back and sciatic pain.  With my job, she keeps me mobile and flexible with regular visits. I come in once a week and at the age of 77 I can still work full time.

    Irene Panyard

  • No Sickness or Injuries

  • Scoliosis & Postural Correction

    I starting seeing Dr. Cooley when she was an assistant to another chiropractor & continued to see her when she started her own practice. I prefer the activator method for adjusting my back.  Dr. Cooley is very proficient in adjusting each person according to their needs. My husband and two of our sons also go to her for adjustments. I have  curvature of the spine & sometimes have alot of pain.  I have walked into Dr. Cooley's office bent over & have come out walking upright, after an adjustment.

    I have my own cleaning business, & could not keep going without adjustments. I aslo like the fact that Dr. Cooley suggests streching exercises to help my back. I wouldn't be able to work & enjoy my life without chiropractic care. It is so important to have my spine correctly aligned as well as my neck, hips, & shoulders. I am 55 years old, a wife, mother, & grandmother. I have alot of people depending on me, & have to keep on going.  Chiropractic care through Dr. Cooley at Creekside Chiropractic in Gahanna, OH allows me to do just that!

    Jill R.

  • Sprained Ankle

    My story with Chiropractic started at the age of 13 when I sprained my ankle. Growing up with sports I would injure my self constantly. So I constantly kept returning to my Chiropractor. Due to this experience I continued to go under care constant. Now 11 years later I have had a shift, I realized that the only person dependent of my health is myself. So you may read this and ask what does this have to do with Chiropractic. Let me tell you that under care I realized that health includes being sick and not being sick. When we are sick our body is talking to us and telling us that we are not doing our body a favor. I use to think that the only person that could help me get better from sickness is a my primary physician. Now I understand that the only person that could help me get better is myself and the only person in charge of my health is myself. My Chiropractor helped me see this, no one else did. With powerful words he guided me to be a better/ healthier version of myself. I come in every visit and instead of asking me how I may be (which he does) he always tells me I am  or it’s so great to see you. I never realized that the reason why he would do this is because he knows I’m the driver of my bus and all his job was to help me understand this. His job was to make sure my nervous system was flowing with out interruptions so that the decisions I make in life would be decisions that benefit my health. I am grateful for the amount of knowledge I gained from my chiropractor and keep gaining. The reason why I continue Chiropractic care is because this is the reason why I am and was able to make the best decisions for my health. Chiropractic is why I am becoming the best version of myself. Chiropractic is the reason why I love and am grateful to be alive and share this world with other human. Chiropractic is the reason I have become who I am meant to be and it has been the reason why I found the purpose of my life.

    Oscar Cruz

  • Staying Healthy

    I am the son of two parents who are both Chilopractors. I have been under care my entire life and have been able to always experience the benefits that chiropractic has to offer. I wish all people were able to live a life where any sickness/injury was only a temporary small part of their lives and that they are able to better recover through chiropractic; and live a life where a healthy lifestyle was valued and prioritized! 

    Marcus Hummel

  • Wellness and Vitality in Life

    I was motivated to visit a chiropractor by my mothers experiences. Her experience visiting a chiropractic office was wonderful all around. She was so happy with her everyday life and had hope that she could start working out and include herself in more active occasions. I visited the chiropractic and I also felt the same way! I was now rejuvenated and felt 100% at every single Practice. Having that ”second chance“ at life is Such a great feeling. The chiropractor deleted all the physical barriers in our lives so we can maximize our happiness in a healthy manner. 

    Adrian Besson

  • Wellness Care

    I was first introduced to chiropractic when my mother had very intense migraine headaches and would go to her chiroprator to get adjusted rather than taking pain medications.  It was always her first call when she felt one coming on, and over the years they were less frequent, less intense and to this day she rarely has them.  As I got older, I decided to utilize chiropractic in my own life, but not for any specific pain or injury, I just wanted to feel my best.  As I learned more about the conditions and injuries that chiropractic has helped, I fell in love with the philosophy and found myself a new career path.  Over the past 18 years, I have had the pleasure of working in chiropractic offices, working my way up the ladder from a Chiropractic Assistant to Business Director.  I currently work with Dr. Michelle Ireland at Ireland Chiropractic in Anchorage, Alaska and I enjoy being a part of the patients care team and witnessing their successes!

    Kelli Baumer