Sleeping Issues

  • With the advice of a friend, I switched to Dr B and Healthline after many years with another chirproactor. It took a few visits, but Dr B earned my (hard to give) trust. I'm in and out of the car and on my feet in heels most days so needless to say, I hurt often. Well, not anymore. I don't worry anymore about my back giving out on me after standing/walking all day and I'm sleeping better than I have in years! 

    Kim Little

  • Alicia Brookins

    I was encouraged to be seen by a chiropractor by a friend. I initially thought chiropractors were just "back doctor's", but I found them to be so much more. Since being seen at First Choice Chiropractor, I sleep better, have more energy and not to mention I am able to move around better. Along with changing my diet and some exercise, I'm blessed to have been pointed in the right direction. I've learned that every part of the body works through the spine. It's never too late to start chiropractic Care.

    Alicia Brookins

  • When I arrived for my first appointment with Dr. Balasky, I was having difficulty sleeping because of nerve pain.  After my first appointment, I was able to sleep comfortably for the first time in weeks and I was pain-free.  I am continuing my appointments and have to come less frequently.  I am so happy that someone recommended Dr. Balasky to me.  I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my treatment. 

    Patricia Dierks 

  • Aldie Alfaro

    I stumbled upon chiropractor care almost 10 years ago through an invitation by a former colleague to attend a Bring-A-Friend event at the office of her chiropractor. As aging former competitive runner, I attributed various aches and pains to the aging process. I was seeking a holistic approach to improve my well-being and quality of life as I aged.

    Being adjusted regularly has helped me return to the world of competitive running as well as active participation in a plethora of fitness activities.

    Unexpected changes I have experienced since committing to weekly adjustments are keeping viruses and seasonal allergies at bay, the almost complete elimination of PMS, better sleep, and improved manageable of aches/pains related to physical fitness training/activities. 

    Aldie Alfaro

  • I have had a great first experience at Healthline Chiropractic. It has helped me sleep better at night and not wake up with back pain as often. I have not been going long but it has been a a positive beginning.

    Jason Clemens