• When my 4th baby was being born, something made a pop sound near my tailbone. I didn't really notice the pain from that until labor was over and I tried to sit down, it was very uncomfortable for weeks. Since I had been getting adjusted at Lydy Chiropractic for a few years already, of course I went in asap, when baby was 6 days old. Each week my tailbone and hip got better and better and I was able to discontinue taking NSAIDS within a few weeks. Meanwhile, I began realizing how sensitive my 4th was to being out of alignment. If she wasn't sleeping well, fussier than usual, not napping well, I knew what was up. She has always looked comfortable in any of the Lydy doctor's hands, she's even fallen asleep while being adjusted. My life has definitely been less stressful and my patience level better when everyone (including myself) is well adjusted. And each doctor in the practice is so gentle and kind, all of us look forward to each visit and seeing the caring staff.

    Jessica North

  • I have been so thankful for Dr. Blaskay, and have been going to Healthline for about 14 years. She has helped me through 3 pregnancies as my back would hurt from the extra weight. I took all my babies, and she has helped them all through gas and colic, even an ear infection. Because of chiropractic care, my kids never had to be on any medication thankfully. I have also recommended her to friends with babies that were put on medication for reflux and other issues, and she was able to help them get off of it just by helping straighten them out since the birth process can put a strain on the spine and neck.

    I go to chiropractor first when I have any issues such as migranes, hip pain, neck or back issues. I have learned so much about the body and how simple adjustments can save you a lot of money and frustration. I started having hip issues a couple years ago, and after adjustments the pain went away. I was so relieved that is was nothing more than a couple simple adjustments and I was back to normal. I am a runner, dancer and backpacker so this was such a blessing to feel pain free doing what I love. I also appreciate the way Dr. Blaskay has you come in to fix what's going on, and leaves it up to you based on how you feel to come back in. There will be months between our visits at times, depending on what's happening.

    The office is filled with helpful people who are all super friendly. I often call last minute and they usually can get me in pretty quickly. I can get in and out pretty quickly which is a big deal to me since I have a one year old. I also love that they have massage therapists there, which I have also used consistently!

    I am not a review writer, in fact this is the first one I've written, but it's because I believe in what they do at Healthline and hope it can help others as much as it's helped me as well as several of my friends! I ALWAYS recommend people to this office whenever I hear of issues they are having because I know it makes a difference and I am confident they will get relief or help from the Doctors here!

    Dana Chapman

  • Starting in high school and continuing for the next 11 years, I would wake up every morning with a very stiff back that would continue to hurt throughout the day. When I got pregnant with my first baby, the pain in my back only got worse. I was telling a colleague about this and she recommended going to see Dr. Fisher at Creekside Chiropractic. I had never been to a chiropractor before but was assuming that they would not be able to help me since I had always had the pain in my back.  Dr. Fisher explained what a chiropractor is and what they do and answered every question that I had before the initial exam appointment. He also explained how it would be beneficial for my pregnancy. After the first 6 appointments, my back no longer hurt- even as I continued to gain weight from the pregnancy. I was so happy that I brought my husband in for an informational meeting and he too decided that he wanted to try it. While seeing Dr. Fisher during my pregnancy, I never had a single cold or felt sick.  Since having the baby four months ago, my husband, myself, and our baby go to Dr. Fisher once a month and absolutely see the benefits from it. Our baby is extremely content, happy, and started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old. We are so grateful for Dr. Fisher

    Jackie B.