Neck Pain

  • In the last 15 years I have been coming to Huffer Chiropractic I have had help with my back, legs, knees, neck, and my emotional health. I feel much better in my overall health. 

    Judith A.

  • Carol G.

    I had a bad fall while running outside many years ago.  Several days after the fall, I literally could not move my neck.  I went to several MD's and tried Physical Therapy, only to be told, "You're fine.  It will go away".  Well, I wasn't fine and it didn't go away.  Six months after the injury, my husband suggested Chiropractic.  I didn't know what that was and had only heard bad things, so was sceptical.  I went anyway and, long story short, got immediate pain relief and eventual complete healing.  

    I continued as a chiropractic patient for years until I decided I wanted to help others, just as Dr. Shannan had helped me.  So I joined the team at Worthington Optimal Wellness, where I now work, almost 7 years later!  Love my job!

    Carol G.