• Gary Wakeford

    For much of my adult life I have suffered from debilitating migraine headaches.  And when I say debilitating, I am retching and vomiting for 6 - 8 hours and my eyes become hyper-sensitive to light. It literally feels like someone is driving a nail through my eyeball and into my brain. Nothing my family physician gave me ever seemed to help. 

    My wife convinced me to try seeing a chiropractor. I was reluctant at first, but was willing to try anything to find some relief. The chiropractor, Dr. George Phillips, took some x-rays and asked me to give him a day or 2 to review them. I came back 3 days later, he showed me exactly where my subluxations were, and why he felt they were likely at least contributing to the onset of my migraines. I started seeing him a few times a week at first, then once a week then one a month. My migraines have all but disappeared.  I now maybe have 1 a year instead of 4 - 5 a month. It has truly been a life changing experience and I will continue to see a chiropractor at least once a month for the rest of my life. Thank you for using the natural healing abilities of the body to restore my health.

    Gary Wakeford

  • I have suffered from severe migraines and terrible mid-back pain for many years, it was suggested that I go and see a chiropractor. I went to see a chiropractor locally in Alliston, the relief I experienced was amazing. I continued to go until I moved and then I needed a chiropractor in the bolton area. I started at Inside Out back in 2014 and continue to get adjusted. I have noticed significant improvements with my health, my mid-back pain is gone, I don't suffer from the same terrible migraines the way I used to and I don't get sick as often anymore. A no-brainer, chiropratic works.
    Monica F.
  • Lisa F

    I began seeing my chiropractor in 2002. I used to suffer migraine headaches, to the point of hospitalization on occasion. I was taking Codeine, Imotrex and recieving demerol from the hospital when they were really bad. I had been to numerous Doctors, including 2 neurologists. I had 2 MRI's, and numerous Catscans, but there was nothing wrong with me. I was eventually put on an anti-depressant as well, they assumed I was depressed, thus the headaches. I visited Inside Out Family Chiropractic, I had a full check up and x-rays. When I had my report of findings, Dr Ryan ( My Chiropractor), told me my neck was basically bent the wrong way. I saw the x-ray and felt sick to my stomach. I was angry as there was something wrong and all the "experts" told me it was all in my head. I began getting adjusted, and within 6 months my migraines completely subsided. I went off all the medication and have never looked back. 

    Lisa F.