• Most of my life I have suffered with headaches, migraines, and digestive issues. A good portion of my issues are anxiety related, so I always just "dealt" with them, as I assumed it was just my lot in life. A friend recommended her chiropractor, but my back didn't hurt and I was afraid of the "cracking" so I passed. A little way down the road I developed pain in my shoulder, it impaired my work and hurt very much. My friend brought up her chiropractor again, and I finally consented. Once I visited Katz Family Chiropractic I realized all of my fears and concerns were  unnecessary. With regular treatment not only did my shoulder improve but my headaches are nearly gone and my migraines far less frequent or severe. My digestive issues are also improved as we'll as my stress responses. I am very grateful for not only having found an amazing chiropractor, but also a new friend in the quest for great health.

    Kerry D

  • Gary Wakeford

    For much of my adult life I have suffered from debilitating migraine headaches.  And when I say debilitating, I am retching and vomiting for 6 - 8 hours and my eyes become hyper-sensitive to light. It literally feels like someone is driving a nail through my eyeball and into my brain. Nothing my family physician gave me ever seemed to help. 

    My wife convinced me to try seeing a chiropractor. I was reluctant at first, but was willing to try anything to find some relief. The chiropractor, Dr. George Phillips, took some x-rays and asked me to give him a day or 2 to review them. I came back 3 days later, he showed me exactly where my subluxations were, and why he felt they were likely at least contributing to the onset of my migraines. I started seeing him a few times a week at first, then once a week then one a month. My migraines have all but disappeared.  I now maybe have 1 a year instead of 4 - 5 a month. It has truly been a life changing experience and I will continue to see a chiropractor at least once a month for the rest of my life. Thank you for using the natural healing abilities of the body to restore my health.

    Gary Wakeford

  • I have suffered from severe migraines and terrible mid-back pain for many years, it was suggested that I go and see a chiropractor. I went to see a chiropractor locally in Alliston, the relief I experienced was amazing. I continued to go until I moved and then I needed a chiropractor in the bolton area. I started at Inside Out back in 2014 and continue to get adjusted. I have noticed significant improvements with my health, my mid-back pain is gone, I don't suffer from the same terrible migraines the way I used to and I don't get sick as often anymore. A no-brainer, chiropratic works.
    Monica F.
  • Over the years I have had a lot of mental and physical stress. I stopped giving my best in all the aspects of my life (College, work, relationships with others and with myself). One day, I just decided to take some advise and I went to a Chiropractor. My life got WAY better. I started to have more energy, my migraines dissapeared, and suddenly I just started to give the best of me just in all aspects in my life. All of this because I was feeling better EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY. I thank God for that opportunity. I just decided to study Chiropractic because I just want to give others the same opportunity I had to take their lifes back.


  • Lisa F

    I began seeing my chiropractor in 2002. I used to suffer migraine headaches, to the point of hospitalization on occasion. I was taking Codeine, Imotrex and recieving demerol from the hospital when they were really bad. I had been to numerous Doctors, including 2 neurologists. I had 2 MRI's, and numerous Catscans, but there was nothing wrong with me. I was eventually put on an anti-depressant as well, they assumed I was depressed, thus the headaches. I visited Inside Out Family Chiropractic, I had a full check up and x-rays. When I had my report of findings, Dr Ryan ( My Chiropractor), told me my neck was basically bent the wrong way. I saw the x-ray and felt sick to my stomach. I was angry as there was something wrong and all the "experts" told me it was all in my head. I began getting adjusted, and within 6 months my migraines completely subsided. I went off all the medication and have never looked back. 

    Lisa F.

  • Telesa Hines

    Before joining the Life University Family as a DC student, I was traveling the country as a motivational speaker, facilitating workshops on self care, vibrational energy, and holistic healing. After becoming a Reiki master, I became interested in all modalities of natural healing. I visited Life University and discovered that vitalism and innate intelligence were in exact alignment with my belief system.

    Currently, my entire family is under chiropractic care. Since getting under chiropractic care, I no longer experience sciatica, which I’ve dealt with for 13 years. I no longer experience monthly migraines, my asthma symptoms have decreased to almost nonexistent, and I’ve lost 31 pounds because I’m more energized and moving around more. 

    I am not a believer in chiropractic because I’m a chiropractic student; I’m a chiropractic student because I’m a believer in chiropractic. And I’m a believer because I’m blessed to bear witness to the miracles of chiropractic every single day. This is the only health profession that embraces complete healing - mind, body, and soul. I love that the curriculum encompasses science, art, and philosophy. I am excited to claim my seat at the table of scientists and medical doctors, and share the gospel of chiropractic. 

    Telesa Hines

  • My mom was in a very bad car accident when she was in her 20’s. All of my life, she has suffered from chronic migraines and, as a consequence, she had become addicted to pain pills. Almost every day she took around 9 pills for her migraines, and on really bad days, we couldn’t get her up from the bed. One day she was helping me move to the US and after spending the day carrying heavy objects around, she ended up crying over the pain in her neck and head. Despite suffering from crippling migraines for over 20 years, I had never seen my mom cry from it. So I decided I had enough and told her that she HAD to go to a chiropractor and that the pills weren’t the solution. So a few days later she began going to one back home and around two weeks later she called me, more excited than I have ever heard her, telling me that she felt better than she had felt in a very long time, that her migraines were better and that whenever she left her Chiropractor she felt immediate relief. That was almost a year ago and Im proud to say that my mom was waned off most of her pain medication over the months. She still has headaches, but not as severe as before. She’s completely in love with Chiropractic and that is what made me decide once and for all that Chiropractic is what Im supposed to be doing Woth my life.

    Andrea Refojos Liano

  • In 2002 I was in a major ski accident that resulted in a lower back fusion 6 years later. I also suffered from migraines for over 30 years. Going to Healthline Chiropractic has relieved both my migraines and pain from my ski accident.

    Dr. Blaskay was able to adjust fixated spinal segments around my fusion to prevent further surgeries and heal my pain. 

    Heather Papp