Hip Pain

  • As a massage therapist I can say that since I've been going my whole back and hips feel great been able to do more i just recently enrolled in Kickboxing and without Dr Blasksay I wouldn't even be able to chiropractic is the way to go to be pain free 

    Jody Garza

  • When my 4th baby was being born, something made a pop sound near my tailbone. I didn't really notice the pain from that until labor was over and I tried to sit down, it was very uncomfortable for weeks. Since I had been getting adjusted at Lydy Chiropractic for a few years already, of course I went in asap, when baby was 6 days old. Each week my tailbone and hip got better and better and I was able to discontinue taking NSAIDS within a few weeks. Meanwhile, I began realizing how sensitive my 4th was to being out of alignment. If she wasn't sleeping well, fussier than usual, not napping well, I knew what was up. She has always looked comfortable in any of the Lydy doctor's hands, she's even fallen asleep while being adjusted. My life has definitely been less stressful and my patience level better when everyone (including myself) is well adjusted. And each doctor in the practice is so gentle and kind, all of us look forward to each visit and seeing the caring staff.

    Jessica North

  • I came to Healthline Chiropracticfor lower back and hip pain.   The office is wonderful and got me in same day. I was able to have Dr. Susan make and adjustment and treat me with ice. Overtime the pain has decreased substantially !!!

    She is wonderful and the staff is great. 

    Josephine Miller 

  • I was a cheerleader for many years and have always had problems with my hips. I started out by going to physical therapy but never had any relief. Ever since I started seeing Dr. Blaskay my hip pain has decreased tremendously! My range of motion has improved and im no longer sore after a very active day. It’s amazing what routine Chiropractic care can do! 

    Autumn Salts