Herniated Disc

  • Background: I have a herniation in the L5, S1 region of my lower back. Simple movements would throw out my alignment at any time, creating an almost debilitating pain that would sideline me from normal, everyday activities for days on end. A friend suggested I see a chiropractor and recommended Dr. Blaskay. I had never visited a chiropractor before and the thought of having someone twist my spine when I was in such agony seemed to me as counter intuitive. But I had tried many other remedies with minimal success, so I gave it a shot. Dr. Blaskay had me back up and running after my 1st visit. I was amazed how quickly I felt better. Fifteen (15) years later I still see Dr. B on a routine basis to prevent those "spills" from derailing my lifestyle, allowing me to chase after my two elementary school age and sports active children. Thank you Dr. B, and your entire staff who have always taken good care of me (special shout out to Lori) for keeping me on my feet these many years.

    Michael McGlynchey


  • I came to Healthline Chiropractic years ago with a herniated disc which was causing severe low back pain every time I moved. Dr. Blaskay was able to correct it and relieve me from my pain. Recently, she has helped me with my knee and ankle pain by adjusting my lower back. I could barely walk, every step was painful and with the low back adjustments the pain went away. I have had ear pain with fluid inside my inner ear, causing vertigo and her adjustment helped with that also, the vertigo is gone! I had pain in my ribs, she discovered it was out of place and put it back in and it has not bothered me since.  I love Dr. Blaskay she's a miracle worker.

    Charlotte Buja

  • Iwas motivated to see chiropractor after experiencing a lower back injury in the sport of baseball. An accident occured where I could barely stand/walk, and had to be carried off the field. I saw a chiropractor within 12 hours and got advanced imaging done. The MRI came back and noted that I had two herniated disc at the L4/L5 levels. After a 6 week period of adjustments, I was able to attain full range of motion with no pain. Rehab/strengthening did also help with this.Being adjusted has allowed my body to function at a higher level in my every day activities, and I firmly believe it has only helped prevent my body from becoming injured again.I have felt an overall heightened energy level. To keep it simple and all encompasing... I feel overall healthier and like my body is functioning at its fullest capacity for my age. I am a firm believer that the power that made the body has the power to heal it, provided you fuel it with the proper tools to be functioning at its highest level! I love chiropractic, and will always have it as a part of my life.

    Connor Oliveri