• Vision and Hearing Issues

    After dealing with visual impairments and hearing discrepancies , and going in circles from medical doctor to doctor for two years, I started chiropractic care. I started chiropractic care while in school just to get my “back cracked,” because I had no idea that chiropractic care wasn’t just for getting your back to feel good.

    My visual impairment was that I had a blind spot that would come into my eye at random, and I also had color blindness and my eyes had trouble adjusting to light. My hearing discrepancy was that I also had frequent ear popping, and hyperacousis.

    As I started getting chiropractic adjustments, my visual impairments started to dissipate, and my hearing discrepancies started not to occur as frequently. Obviously chiropractic helps neck and back pain, but not many people know to go to a chiropractor for symptoms such as mine. And I am still getting chiropractic check ups regularly nine years later to maintain an active, healthy, medication free life!!  

    Drea S.