Baby Breathing Issues

  • Baby Breathing Issues

    Isaiah Paxton

    When I was born, I was born at home, beautifuly and peacefully.  My mom’s labor was quick and uneventful, as all of my brothers’ births had been, undoubtedly thanks to the chiropractic she had received throughout the entirety of her pregnancy.  

    When I was born, as I was told,  I was born a bit bluish in color and struggled to breath with a normal cadance.  The midwife helping my mom told my dad, if he doesn’t improve in the next two minutes, we are transporting via ambulance to the hospital.  I’m sure my mom and dad were terrified.  

    Then, the midwife had a great idea, knowing my dad was a chiropractor, she turned to my terrified dad, who was not in doctor mode, but total dad mode, and said simply, “you need to adjust him, he needs help.”  

    Dad, baffled that he hadn’t given this consideration prior to this moment, went to work immediately.  He recalls “I put my finger tips on your little atlas (top of my neck) and found it swollen, stiff, and irritated.  I knew that the respiratory rate and rhythm is determined in the upper neck.  I then began to nudge the atlas towards normal, and, to my extreme relief, you began IMMEDIATELY to breath slowly and deeply and your color turned a beautiful baby pink. “

    My dad still tears to tell this story but never passes up the chance.  It always leaves me wondering, how many kids suffer through intervention and treatments that could have been fixed as “simply” as me?

    Isaiah Paxton