B.E.S.T Technique

  • Cancer Pain and Emotional Healing

    Dr. Huffer's care has brought so many positive changes to my life in the last year and a half.  After having been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2005, I completed the traditional treatents of chemotherapy and radiation, along with a radical change in my diet and lifestyle.  Things were going well till an ultrasound at the beginning of 2016 showed two suspicious lumps in my other breast.  Instead of rushing into a biopsy, I made the decision to research more natural ways of healing my body.  While at a healing center in Atlanta, I was introduced to the B.E.S.T. technique which seemed to be a missing link in my recovery.  After more research, I found close to home, Dr. Huffer,  a chiropractor who practiced this technique and I was able to set up an appointment.  I immediately felt at ease in his office....the environment is so positive! Through every appointment, Dr. Huffer has enabled me to understand that physical healing cannot be achieved without emotional healing.  I've learned so much and look forward to every visit. I am always amazed at how my body is affected by how and what I am thinking. As of July, 2017, my breast ultrasound showed no suspicious lumps and my mindset has never been better.  Dr. Huffer is a true healer and I thank God for his expertise and care everyday!

    Lisa R.

  • Cancer Survivor

    Carole Motycka

    I came to Dr. Huffer in the Spring of 2016 after being diagnosed with inoperable Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer.  I was 42 years old, healthy, avid outdoors women, hiker and runner, you know...followed all the “healthy body” rules...but after a 17 mile hike one week, my shoulder pain became more difficult to endure and ended with a trip to the ER and a blow to the gut life changing diagnosis of terminal cancer.  The story is complex, and has many curves and mountains and valleys.  I am a child of chiropractic treatments, having a father as a chiropractor I was not new to the care but rather I knew it was my first line of defense when told I had merely months to live.  It was my moment...all hands on deck, I was not going down without the battle of my life!  Time to defy the odds and throw the first stone.  

    I decided the day I was diagnosed that this fight for my life required many elements of care.  I considered if I was going to be the champion in this David vs. Goliath battle, the battle perspective needed to be holistic and entire health healing, not just the idea that I needed to rid my body of all the tumors through surgery and chemotherapy treatments.  I sought out the best plan of action and prayed specifically for God to allow the best therapy for my journey...  Who would have imagined Dr. Huffer would only be 1hr. from my home and an acquaintance of some of my family.  Better yet, he was a master of BEST therapy and a master at his craft.

    Dr. Huffer and spent many office visits caring for my state of mind and allowing me to route and direct my thoughts to healthy places along with manipulation of my spine and neck.  He and I spent 2 1/2 years shaping and priming my mind for what the lord had placed in my path...a living donor liver transplant.  The only hope I had at survival was this and his directives and plan allowed me to release all my negative energy and negative emotions and centered me, essentially equipping me with the sprit I needed for the battle.  All this while keeping my physical spine and my overall body in good order allowing me the best healing outcome potential.  Along with the therapies he provided I also worked with his nutritionist to ensure I had aligned all my efforts for overall spirt, mind and body healing.

    My team of physicians at The Cleveland Clinic believe strongly that I healed so well and was quickly back to full health with no major complications(19 surgeries in all and 1 transplant)partially due to the fact that Dr. Huffer and his team worked with me to explore my full potential in the arena of cognitively healing therapy and overall full body health and alignment through chiropractic care.

    As I look back to that day I was diagnosed and told I had 6 months and was not a candidate for surgeries... I enjoy reveling at the fact that I am still surviving and thriving 3 years and after 19 surgeries and a transplant.  I can without question tell you Dr. Huffer saved my life By giving me the tools to be a champion in spirt, mind, body and overall health healing.  I am blessed and grateful for Dr. Huffers support and look forward to my continuum of care with him.

    Carole Motycka