• I began chiropractic care in earnest back in 2015. I had never been to see a chiropractor since I was about 10 years old. My wife was in school to become a chiropractor and she was just beginning her journey. She wanted to introduce me to her chiropractor and I had no reason not to do so, and so I did. At this time in my life I was struggling with depression, anxiety and lots of emotional baggage that I had not integrated. I had no great love for myself and my wife was then only thing that kept me going before I began chiropractic. Meeting Dr. Suzan Rossi changed my life. She corrected my subluxations and allowed my innate potential to begin the long and sometimes painful journey to healing. Prior to chiropractic care, my body was not able to integrate the experiences I had in my past. These expereinces involved everything from painful heartbreak, automobile accidents, drug use, loss of loved ones, and self-destructive behavior. Chiropractic helped clear the subluxations that were caused by my painful thoughts, the toxins I had consumed, and the trauma I had sustained. This clearing allowed my body's innate potential to heal and mend the damage that had been done. I remember receiving my first adjustment of my adult life and weeping on the table due to the feeling of an immense connection to myself, to source, and to the true nature of my innate being. That first adjustment set me on a path to free myself from the grips of depression and anxiety. I found purpose within myself, I found happiness and love in my life and I began to receive the gratitude, the love and the joy that I had been so deserving of. I allowed myself to be open and vulnerable and to confront the issues that were plauging my life and I know it would have never happened if I hadn't corrected my subluxations through chiropractic. 

    Daniel Mathis

  • TeresaW

    I am more than grateful on how chiropractic care changed my life. I began utilizing chiropratic after my son suffered a concussion during High School football... nearly 10 years ago. After seeing how he was immediately well after suffering for a week, I was full of questions. I wondered if chiropractic could help me with my physical and emotional needs.  When I began, I was on 10 different medications for various conditions my medical doctor believed I had.  After a couple of months of chiropractic care with Dr Jason Hartle, I am free of all medications, but one and the insulin required for my Type 1 Diabetes. Physically I feel tremendously better... but emotionally, we have been able to concur anxiety and a lot of stress. I am amazed on how I feel and all the emotions that are freed under his care. 

    Dr. Hartle takes the time to listen, challenges me and also makes me accountable. As the Word of God says in Proverbs 23:7... "As a man thinketh, he becomes." These have been powerful and life-changing words for me, along with what I eat, what I drink, what I breathe, how I move. Along with all of this, Dr Jason helped walk me through the power of forgiving others and myself... what a tremendous hold unforgiveness has on all of us. I not only have been changed for the better, but I also use a lot of the teachings and philosophy now in my profession.  I thank God everyday for how Dr Jason and those at Huffer Chiropractic in Jackson Center Ohio have changed and enhanced my life. I have tried other doctors who practice similar techniques, but these doctors, especially Dr. Jason, are the top of the top, and so, I still travel 2 hours one way for appointments. I recommend often chiropractic care to others and they too have seen amazing results. Blessed beyond measure! 

    Teresa W.




  • My family and I have been going to Healthline Chiropractic and Dr. Blaskay for over 15 years. In that time, Doc Sue has helped us with: low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, wrist pain, anxiety and tension. She even popped multiple ribs back into place after I had an accident. I was terrified to go to the chiropractor due to an painful encounter with a different chiropractor. My husband convinced me to go. I was in excruciating pain in my lower back and couldn't stand unright. Dr. Blaskay listened, examined me, took x-rays, and I was able to walk out of her office pain free.

    My husband, Tom, went to her all the while he battled cancer. Cancer is not kind to anyone, but it was especially painful and cruel to Tom. Because of Dr. Blaskay, Tom was able to work, as a computer programmer, all throughout his illness due to the relief he received. Tom's quality of life and his mental well being was greatly improved by the loving care he received from Dr. Blaskay.

    Both of my children have received chiropractic care from Dr. Blaskay throughout their lives. Her gentleness and good humor made it so easy for the children to “go to the doctor.” There were no needles to fear! They always felt safe and comfortable, and actually looked forward to going to see Doc Sue because they knew they would feel better. My children are now adults and still go to Dr. Blaskay. My daughter lives out of the area and will drive 2 1/2 hours just to get adjusted by Doc Sue.

    Dr. Blaskay's staff is the best too. Everyone is friendly and do their best to make you feel comfortable and welcome. You are treated as a human being not just a number on an insurance form. Healthline Chiropractic has that small town feeling in a suburban setting. 

    Whenever we don’t feel well, no matter the cause, we always go and get adjusted by Dr. Blaskay at Healthline Chiropractic. 

    Kathleen Russell

  • I started seeing Dr. Nico for wellness because I heard that it could improve my health. I was pleasantly surprised to have my severe anxiety and depression start to improve and eventually it completely resolved. I was able to come off of ALL my medications, and I have become the happiest and healthiest that I’ve ever been! Thank you 100% Chiropractic in Marietta, GA for giving me my life back. 

    Shayla Swenson