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Has chiropractic care positively impacted your life?

Staying well, naturally. It's something we all desire, but sadly, not all of us know how.

OneGratefulPatient.org is a patient centered project giving the community a chance to learn about common sense health care that works. You are the key in sharing the truth of the power of Chiropractic care.

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  • I had a bad fall while running outside many years ago.  Several days after the fall, I literally could not move my neck.  I went to several MD's and tried
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  • When I was 19 I ended up having a hip injury with playing soccer, pain shooting down my leg, into my toes and groin! Ouch! After 7 visits to a
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  • I began seeing my chiropractor in 2002. I used to suffer migraine headaches, to the point of hospitalization on occasion. I was taking Codeine, Imotrex and recieving demerol from the
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  • After dealing with visual impairments and hearing discrepancies , and going in circles from medical doctor to doctor for two years, I started chiropractic care. I started chiropractic care while in
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